Launching the Promethean Grant 2018!

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Launching the Promethean Grant 2018

Education technology has enabled teaching and learning to become more innovative than ever before, with Promethean’s ActivPanel at the forefront of innovation. We do not believe that school budgets should be a barrier to accessing the latest edtech, which is why we’re very excited to be launching the Promethean Grant 2018! After our 2017 initiative gained such great success, we couldn’t wait to offer UK schools a chance to win a Promethean ActivPanel package in our 2018 competition.

What is the UK Promethean Grant 2018?

We invite schools to submit original video entries explaining why they would benefit from winning an ActivPanel, our latest interactive front-of-class display. All your school needs to do is create a short video, telling us why your class or school would benefit from a new ActivPanel. We want submissions to be as original as possible, just like Tottington Primary school’s entry in 2017, whose video attracted interest across the globe. Their idea was based on the innovative ways of teaching through technology and was so impressive that it attracted over 160,000 views when social media channel ‘Bright Vibes’ covered the story! Mr Hunt and Jamie Berry, Tottington Primary’s 2017 winners, have some top tips for you to make your videos stand out here.

Why does Promethean want to help?

Our motive behind the grant scheme is to help schools facing budgetary pressures to access modern technology. The UK Promethean Grant attracted over 250 applications from schools nationwide and 30 winners went on to benefit from the installation of an ActivPanel package, valued at £3,000. The success of the 2017 grant was so great that it inspired us to launch similar campaigns in both Australia and New Zealand.

Rory Dixon, Year 4 teacher and Computer Lead at All Saints HwB, says: “The Promethean Grant was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss out on. As soon as I told the children about the competition they came up with so many ideas and were very enthusiastic. In our class we’re passionate about using technology for learning, so when I broke the news we had won, the children were in complete disbelief, we were thrilled, we even had a party!”

How can you apply?

We’d love to see as many schools as possible participate in this year’s competition, and so we welcome multiple entries (but only one ActivPanel can be won per school). The competition is open for entries now and will close on Friday 15th June 2018, with the video entries being judged by our panel of education experts. To find out more visit

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