Inspiring positive experience in sport

Sponsored: Squadkit explains how they provide an experience for schools that nurtures positivity and engagement in sport

Making sure that students stay active in sports is a huge challenge in schools. The challenge is not only that students participate and are motivated to take part in mandatory curriculum PE but also that they have a positive experience doing it.

Most of us are acutely aware of the far-reaching benefits of staying active. There is extensive research presented in Sport England reports that highlights how it has a very positive impact on a student not only during the time that they are in school but also going forward into their young adult lives. British Heart Foundation research highlights that children and adolescents who are active in school sports are fitter, more confident, and are at less risk of ill health and emotional disturbance, which makes it all the more important for pupils to have a positive approach to physical activity at a young age.

Recent research by Sport England which builds on their youth insight review in 2014, has shown that young people’s perceptions of sport are varied and nuanced. These impact on their expectations. While some associate sport with fun and social camaraderie, for others the connotations are of pressure, insecurity and fear of judgement. The challenges associated with these differences mean that continued motivation when taking up sports and fitness can be a real issue for many. With this in mind, it is important to consider what young people think and feel and how to provide a more rounded experience to nurture positivity and engagement in sports.

At Squadkit, we pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate the needs and wants of the students, as well as their parents and schools themselves, in making sure that not only do we provide the most suitable high-performance sportswear but also deliver a more rounded experience to our partner schools and customers.

We do this in multiple ways. First and foremost, we ensure that we create the best performance kit. We believe that great, high-performance, well-fitted kit enables all pupils to enjoy sport, feel more confident and perform to their best. We ensure that our garments are at the cutting edge of innovation, and are suitable for all pupils regardless of sport and ability level. Building self-confidence and self-esteem is fundamental to any young person’s development and providing a great kit that supports this is only a start.

We are committed to supporting the next generation in sports. Every year Squadkit selects and sponsors a group of bright and determined young people from a variety of sporting backgrounds across partner schools with a Squadkit Scholarship. The sponsorship goes a long way to helping the scholars achieve their goals and get ever closer towards their Olympic aspirations, providing tangible support that also motivates and engages students and their peers.

Alongside this, Squadkit also works with some of the great names in sport including Kate Richardson-Walsh, Hollie Webb and Tom Croft. These ambassadors help to ensure that our sportswear is at the cutting edge of fabric technology in terms of performance and fit, helping to continuously innovate so that we deliver the best possible product for our schools. As part of the programme, Squadkit Performance Directors often attend school events to support coaching and help inspire the next generation of sporting heroes to achieve their goals, engaging with pupils and motivating them while providing real insight from an established athlete.

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