How air conditioning can save you money

Sponsored: Roberto Mallozzi, MD at Gree UK (the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer), discusses the benefits of air conditioning

Using air conditioning as a heat source is not only more efficient than other forms of heating, it is also good for your organisation’s bank balance for numerous reasons.

Firstly, there is installation costs, that are lower for new builds or extensions than comparable wet systems, although total capital costs will be comparable.

Secondly, the efficiency of heat pumps also means they are extremely cost effective on running costs, typically producing 3.5kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity consumed.

Thirdly, heat pumps are classed by the Government as energy saving technology, which makes it eligible for its Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme, which means the entire initial capital cost can be written off against Corporation Tax.

While most educational establishments, that are not state run, are Exempt Charities or Registered Charities, they are only exempt or eligible for relief on their actual charitable activities. Corporation Tax is still chargeable on the financial results of its non-charitable trading activities, such as, consultancy, analytical services, closed courses, non-academic conferences, external catering services and many others; so there is usually some tax to off-set the capital cost against.

There is lots if information on this and further incentives at and other web sites.

Fourthly, there is a considerable saving in space that can be re-used for other purposes. In the classroom, this means floor space is not taken up by radiators and pipes, as air conditioning systems are high-wall or ceiling mounted, recessed into false ceilings, or ducted through grilles fitted flush to the wall.

However, many schools and collages are finding that a big advantage of air conditioning is that the systems use indoor units and corresponding outdoor units that need to be open to the ambient air and can be mounted on walls or rooves. So, unlike traditional gas, oil or coal fired systems, they do not need a boiler room. This is extremely popular with schools that have changed their heating system. The old boiler room can be either cleaned up and used directly as an extra room, or demolished to provide building space.

Finally, to help the hard-pressed funds of seats of learning, Gree UK is offering all educational establishments an extra 20% discount to encourage them to improve teaching conditions, even in a climate of continued austerity.

The extra discount applies to the whole of Gree’s air conditioning portfolio. Including ceiling cassettes, wall-hung and ducted units, served by single-split, multi-split and VRF systems.

To qualify for the extra discount, establishments can contact Gree UK and they will be put in touch with a suitable contractor.

All levels of educational establishment can receive the new discount; including primary, secondary, further education, technical training colleges and universities, in both the public and private sectors.

For more information, contact or call: 020 3376 3533.


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