Gordonstoun: A Different Class

New six-part documentary showcases life at Gordonstoun through the eyes of the students

Last week, the gates of Gordonstoun were opened up to the outside world in a new six-part observational documentary series for Sky 1. Filmed over the course of an academic year, it features Gordonstoun’s pupils and teachers and will reveal what life is really like for the school’s students who live and study in the north of Scotland. 

“Gordonstoun: A Different Class” provides an intimate view of the trials and triumphs experienced by the students and the school. From sixth-formers embarking on A-levels and university applications and first years (year nine) settling in, to playing guitar for Prince Philip, tackling dangerous fires in a burning barn as part of Gordonstoun’s Fire Service and sailing with dolphins and confronting gales on board the school’s boat. The documentary, produced by ITN Productions, gives a bird’s eye view of life at one of the most famous schools in the country.

The documentary captures Gordonstoun’s trail-blazing approach to character education. Its broad curriculum focuses on students not only fulfilling their academic potential, but also building skills beyond the classroom through activities such sail training, service in the local community and outdoor education. These aspects of the Gordonstoun curriculum develop qualities such as teamwork, confidence and compassion, which are vital for life after school.

Principal Simon Reid said: “Gordonstoun is a remarkable school, with inspiring teachers and fantastic students. We passionately believe, and attach huge importance on, the value of education both in and beyond the classroom. As well as helping our students to fulfil their academic potential, we ensure they take part in broader activities such as outdoor education, sail training and community service, which enable them to develop necessary life skills and adaptability to thrive in the modern world.”

“Tracing our academic year on screen seemed like the perfect way to share our unique philosophy of character education with the outside world, through the eyes of our students, to show what life at Gordonstoun is really all about.”

You can watch the documentary on Sky 1.


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