Fantastic Services partner with Boyan Maga School

4,000 high visibility vests donated to 17 London schools to improve road safety as part of community partnership initiative

Fantastic Services are always looking to participate in community and family-focused initiatives. UK schools are under constant budget pressures and restraints, so we hope our donation of high visibility vests to schools allows the staff to allocate their limited funding to where it’s most needed. Not only does this allow funding to be spent educating the next generation, but most importantly we hope that our initiative can help raise awareness of road safety measures, especially as we are now well on our way to dark Winter mornings & evenings.

This initiative came about when our co-founder and Director Anton Skarlatov, was in standstill traffic and noticed the number of school children trying to cross the road during busy evening traffic. As a company that already purchases high visibility jackets for our variation of services, we were already well connected with suppliers. So, we looked into ordering children-sized jackets and purchased over 1,000 vests for our initial distribution. These were sent to Boyan Maga School – part of a trust with five sister schools across the South of England. Across these five schools, we delivered a total of 900 vests of which they were so appreciative and since then have helped promote the initiative. We made this initial partnership as they are a collection of Bulgarian schools, and as many of our Fantastic Services professionals are from Bulgaria, we wanted to start this initiative by contributing to these communities.

This was the foundation of our initiative, which really triggered our message throughout the community. We approached three more schools after this successful launch and they had already heard about the campaign and were so thankful for being asked to join the initiative.

To help this initiative reach schools across the country, we utilised our well-followed Facebook page, which attracted interest from many schools.  We are now working with 17 schools, have distributed over 4,000 vests and are hoping that we can grow this initiative and facilitate the scheme across London and then expand this across the country.

We believe that this is a very important cause. Not only do we want to grow it, but to inspire other companies and schools to start initiatives like this. It’s UK Road Safety Awareness week starting 20th November, which gives us further opportunity to speak up about the safety of our children and how the donation of high-visibility vests can contribute to your students’ safety. 

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