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Schoolhaus - the UK's most energy efficient school building

But why? Plus: Schoolhaus Open Days 2016

Posted by Hannah Oakman | June 23, 2016 | Sustainability

Why is Schoolhaus the UK’s most energy efficient school building?

Schoolhaus buildings consume very little energy, require very little maintenance and they all have A+ EPC ratings.

The focus on energy performance is achieved by ‘designing in’ a range of technologies: mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, solar photovoltaic roof, LED lighting, sensor activated energy management system, airtight construction and a super-insulated envelope.


Schoolhaus consumes around 45 kWh (kilowatt hours) per m² per annum as compared to DfE best practice which currently stands at 111 kWh per m² per annum. Schoolhaus also generates around 200 kWh per m² per annum, from its integrated solar PV roof, which offsets all of its own consumption and provides free power for adjacent buildings.

Consequently, the whole life energy costs of a Schoolhaus are less than zero.

Net zero carbon emissions

Schoolhaus has negative CO² emissions as a result of its energy performance and its solar roof which generates more energy than the building consumes.

The energy that it generates is renewable and does not require the burning of fossil fuels. This leads to the avoidance of the CO² emissions normally associated with power generation, allowing Schoolhaus to make a positive contribution to the environment and climate change, a Net Zero Carbon building.

By contrast, over its 60-year life cycle a 155 m² double classroom built to DfE best practice will emit 542.5 tonnes of CO² (3.5 tonnes per m²).

Further, a Schoolhaus contains 260 kg CO²eq per m² of embodied carbon. A traditionally built structure would typically contain 800 kg CO²eq per m².

The University of East Anglia’s Adapt Low Carbon Group recently completed a carbon assessment on Schoolhaus and found that it contained just over half the embodied carbon of their own flagship headquarters building which was built to the ‘Passivhaus’ standard.

Metering, monitoring and lessons in sustainability

Every aspect of the mechanical and electrical systems of a Schoolhaus is metered and monitored as part of the Operating and Maintenance programme.

Whilst important to that programme, the information can also be of significant educational benefit and this dynamic information brings to life the whole issue of energy conservation, clean energy generation and climate change. It represents the perfect forum for teaching Sustainability.

The building itself is a tremendous source of new learning for the children and families at the school; energy efficiency, creation and conservation have become regular conversation topics amongst our Infants - Jack Newton, Executive Headteacher, Underhill School and Grasvenor Avenue Infant School


Want to know more about Schoolhaus? See one for yourself!

Schoolhaus Open Days 2016

The following events will provide the opportunity for bursars and other school delegates across the country to see a recently completed Schoolhaus up close, and to learn more about the key design aspects of this award-winning building.

We explore what makes the building so radically energy efficient and low carbon. We also explain how the ultra-low running costs mean that the lifecycle cost of a Schoolhaus delivers superior value when compared to alternative or traditional constructions.

The next event

UK Energy Partners will be hosting their next Schoolhaus Open Day at The Revel CofE Primary School in Rugby, Warwickshire on 7 July.

  • Thursday 7 July
  • 10.30am – 12.30pm
  • Building tour and refreshments
  • The Revel CofE Primary School
  • Brockhurst Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 0RA

For more info and to book your free place, please email

Other dates

If you can’t make this date, please take a look at the schedule of Schoolhaus Open Days for the year:

  • West Yorkshire – September
  • Newmarket – September
  • London – October
  • Greater Manchester – October
  • Leicestershire – November
  • Berkshire – November


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