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Round-the-world trip for international college

Students 'Paint the World' to bring a splash of colour to the lives of those in need

Posted by Stephanie Broad | July 15, 2015 | International

Two students from a south Wales-based international college have departed on a round-the-world journey to bring happiness, help and companionship to deprived communities.

UWC Atlantic College students Lika Torikashivili and Aziza Aznizan have embarked on an international expedition as part of their Paint the World (PTW) project. It’s mission is to bring support to people across the world in countries including Georgia, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Malaysia.

The project will serve as a platform to foster unity among multi-racial societies by bringing young people together to work towards positive causes regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion, or socio-economic standing. 

Lika and Aziza have already taken PTW projects overseas - visiting hospitals, orphanages, poverty-stricken families, and rehabilitation centres - accompanied by fellow College students who have volunteered to help them on their mission.

Commitment to community service is a core component of the College’s ethos, which requires each student to spend time serving their local communities as part of the experiential curriculum. The students’ see their adventure as an extension of UWC Atlantic College’s own mission ‘to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.’

During a recent PTW trip to his hometown of Georgia as part of the College’s ‘Project Week,’ Lika visited people in need to provide companionship, entertainment, and much-needed practical supplies. Students from UWC Atlantic College were joined on their journey by students from UWC Adriatic – a sister school located in Italy.   

Lika said: “The fact that amazed me was that although my foreign friends did not speak our language, and Georgian clients did not speak English, they could still communicate and share love. We played and danced and sang a lot - and there were no barriers.

“I will try not to lose this belief that I truly can make a change. Because, right now, I am more that sure that whenever you desire something you can reach out and grab it.”

Each year, UWC Atlantic College is home to around 350 international students, representing over 90 nationalities and culture. All who join the college, which was founded at the height of the Cold War, live and work together to promote greater cultural understanding and the support of worthy local and global causes. 

John Walmsley, principal of UWC Atlantic College, said: “We pride ourselves in providing our students with a truly international education that promotes peace and cultural understanding and that works to remove the roots of conflict. We aim to produce socially-minded individuals who are actively engaged in making the world a better place for others.

“As a College we are proud that our students are taking ownership of our mission and putting it into practice.”    

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