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Innovation in Education

Get exclusive insights into enhanced learning and engagement through technology at this year's Innovation in Education conference

Posted by Hannah Oakman | October 08, 2016 | Events

In the last five years, UK schools have spent more than £1bn on digital technology. From interactive whiteboards to tablets, there is more digital technology in schools than ever before. A better use of technology can improve the teaching and learning experience, while digital adoption also improves standards. Technology can make teaching more engaging for learners and more fulfilling for teachers. Technology empowers good teachers, but so far there has been little evidence of substantial success in improving educational outcomes.  

The changing nature of the economy makes it essential that children leaving education enter the workforce with the appropriate levels of digital skills to enable the UK to remain both competitive and leading-edge. However, there appears to be a fundamental issue that threatens this, namely our teachers’ inability to utilise hi-tech kit that is at their disposal to enhance the learning of their pupils. A November 2012 report from NESTA entitled ‘Decoding Learning’ said that whilst there is clear evidence that technology can boost learning, lack of training and understanding of modern technology amongst the teaching workforce is preventing this from occurring. 

Numerous inter-related factors have prevented the large-scale adoption and innovative use of new and emerging digital technologies in education. The aim is to remove these obstacles and make it easier for teachers and lecturers to innovate and enhance learning using technology. Many believe in the benefits of technology in education. 

The main purpose of this event is to try to bridge the clear gap between the technology on offer and the limited skill base of those who have to utilise it. Many schools are clearly still using technology to support 20th-century teaching methods and learning objectives. We are all acutely aware that technology could be much more effective if teachers and learners are given the right sort of training and use it in the right sort of ways.

Innovation in Education: 

Enhanced learning and engagement through technology and exclusive insights from key policy-makers on the following topics:

  • Enhance – How can technology be used to enhance the learning environment and improve curriculums?  
  • Engage – What evidence is there that technology affects student engagement, and how can this evidence be used to create real change?  
  • Innovate – Why is innovative use of technology, rather than just innovations in technology, so important when it comes to equipping children with the skills for a digital world?  

Innovation in Education takes place at the City of Liverpool College on 6th December 2016

Find out more about the conference, and book your place at:

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