How carpet can help combat the spread of infection

Danfloor understands the importance of providing a flooring solution which can help maintain the cleanliness of a setting and help combat the spread of infection

Infection control has probably been one of the most talked about topics over the last couple of months, but as a carpet manufacturer this has always been an area of priority for us.

As a leading supplier of carpets into the healthcare sector and many education settings, we understand the importance of providing a flooring solution which can help maintain the cleanliness of a setting and help combat the spread of infection, which is why a number of our ranges include an innovative antimicrobial yarn treatment.

Micro-organisms are part of our everyday lives and include many diverse organisms. They include bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae that are found wherever moisture, temperature and food sources allow. Some of these organisms are beneficial and a natural part of our environment.

Others can cause serious problems including deterioration, defacement, rotting, surface degradation, staining and health problems ranging from simple discomfort to physical irritation, allergic sensitisation, toxic responses and infection.

Additionally, carpets require the need to control microscopic arthropods such as mites. Mites are associated with dirt and dust and their presence in carpeting has been linked to allergenic responses in humans. The ability to make surfaces and carpeting resistant to microbial contamination has many advantages and values in applications where carpeting is used.

Danfloor’s antimicrobial yarn treatment

Microbial growth on any flooring finish can lead to a variety of problems including: aggravation of skin complaints, dust mites which can lead to asthma, and the spread of bacteria.

Our Equinox, Evolution and Economix Collections incorporate an innovative yarn treatment call BI-OME®, which achieves a 99.99% (4 log) reduction in harmful bacteria. The yarn treatment starts to kill bugs and bacteria, including those that cause MRSA, Ecoli and C-Diff, as soon as contamination occurs.

BI-OME® is a revolutionary technology that guarantees optimum freshness and hygiene even after intensive use and frequent commercial cleaning. It is a non-migrating antimicrobial coating, which kills the micro-organisms when they come into contact with the fibre. BI-OME® doesn’t lose strength over time and creates an environment which microorganisms can’t adapt to.

The benefits of BI-OME® technology include:

– 4 log reduction of 99.99% in the presence of harmful micro-organisms
– Long lasting freshness
– Eliminates the smells created by yeast, fungus and bacteria in carpets
– Controls or eliminates microbial staining
– Eliminates dust mites
– Reduces the risk of cross contamination

As a result, the BI-OME® treatment can provide many benefits for children, young adults and staff within school classrooms and student accommodation, where bacteria can spread and breed quickly as a result of a large number of people working and living in close proximity to one another.

How does it do this?

So how does BI-OME® work should bacteria, contained within a body spillage, reach the floor?

  • Contamination occurs, the carpet fibre attracts and holds the spillage in one place without it spreading any further
  • The carpet’s impervious membrane holds the spillage on the surface of the carpet, without causing a slip hazard, to ensure it can be effectively cleaned away
  • The BI-OME® treatment punctures the cell membrane like a sword
  • It deactivates the micro-organism
  • It achieves a 99.9% reduction within the first 15 minutes and progresses to a 99.99% reduction within 30 minutes

BI-OME® is important for anyone needing to eliminate odours and increase health protection. It is ideal for sectors where carpeting is used near or around food and drink, within multi dwelling residents and populated communal spaces.

BI-OME® has been developed to combat the widespread problem of superbugs and a full list of all the bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae which can be controlled with the use of this treatment can be found within our guide.

There are many other innovative features which make our ranges suitable for the education sector, including soil and stain resistant yarns and outstanding sound absorption properties. If you’d like to find out more and request free samples visit

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