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Beside the seaside

Adaptable Travel explain why you should choose Sorrento for your next geography trip

Posted by Stephanie Broad | March 21, 2016 | International

Considered one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, the Sorrentine Peninsula in Italy, has so much more to offer than just stunning scenery and a Mediterranean climate. Beneath the landscape, lies a whole world of geographical marvels that will have any geography student chomping at the bit. From the over-bearing Mount Vesuvius, the lost cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and the thriving city of Naples and seaside town of Sorrento, to deep valleys and rich coastline, there is plenty to keep students thrilled on even the shortest of trips.

Educational travel specialists cater their organised trips specifically to maximise learning opportunities and fuel a pupil’s desire for discovery and adventure. With a geography school trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, you can be sure there will be plenty to see and do that will make keen geographers simply want to know more.

Starting in the pretty coastal town of Sorrento itself, you can give students a great insight into an ancient culture that thrives and survives on tourism. It’s the ideal location for studying coastal environments, tourism management and the effect it has on the local economy and environment too. Students can get a first-hand view of the town and the surrounding areas for a greater understanding of the impacts of tourism and urbanisation on such a unique landscape.

Mount Vesuvius and the lost cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum

You can’t visit Sorrento without taking a trip to the Mount Vesuvius National Park and the Phlegrean Fields (Fiery Fields) to study the volcanic landscapes and get a closer view of the immense volcano which destroyed Roman cities, Pompeii and Herculaneum when it erupted back in 79AD. This excursion is a great opportunity for geography pupils to delve into the study of volcanoes and the devastating effects of lava and pyroclastic flows can have on the surrounding landscape and civilisations. A trip to the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum will give a greater insight into the destruction a volcanic eruption the size of Mount Vesuvius can cause, as well as the ever present risk of another eruption happening and how it would affect on the nearby city of Naples and other towns.

As a well-known area of for volcanic activity as well as plate tectonics, there is plenty to discover for young geography enthusiasts. Its location means it is subject to regular earthquakes, volcanic activity and unique rock formations caused by the moving of tectonic plates. See how these plate tectonics have thrust mountains and rocks out of the sea all along the Amalfi coastline. Take a trip to the Island of Capri to witness the fascinating Faraglioni rocks that are an iconic part of the Capri landscape or explore the naturally formed Blue Grotto sea cave.

Drive along the stunning and rugged Amalfi Coast to discover more on coastal environments, or head into the town of Sorrento to experience Italian culture at its best with a café lifestyle and incredibly food. Discover the history of the town and region, and how the geographical location of this area has played such a significant role in its history, culture and survival.

With so many geographical wonders to discover in this area, from the dramatic cliffs that hug the shoreline to the lush and fertile landscapes behind and the omnipresent Mount Vesuvius, you will be spoiled for choice. So when considering your next geography school trip, why not choose Sorrento, it has everything an aspiring geographer could possibly need to know from volcanic studies, tectonic plates, coastal environments and tourism management. The possibilities for learning here are limitless.

Adaptable Travel specialise in Geography school trips to top European locations such as Sorrento and many more.    

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