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Academia and the University of Westminster

Academia For Education recently deployed a new mobile learning project with the University of Westminster. By Brad Chuck, Marketing Manager, Academia

Posted by Ed Brown | November 09, 2017 | Technology

Recently, Academia For Education, part of the Technology Group of Companies, deployed a new mobile learning project with the University of Westminster.  Here is how it took shape.

As a long-standing customer in Education, the UoW found that the ever developing and changing world of digital learning and sharing had meant that static hardware was fast becoming obsolete.  The need to interact and network off site was a true understanding of what modern day students at the university required.

With the help of the Academia Engineers and Technical support teams, a complex but detailed and resolutely efficient strategy for deployment was engaged.  Thanks to the high-ranking relationship with Apple, Academia were able to offer a unique way for the UoW to enable its students to adhere to a new mobile learning experience.

Was the solution to simply deploy hundreds of licenced iPad devices?  No, not quite. As Academia goes way beyond the role as a standard reseller, our tailor-made process for the University was a fixed staged project plan that involved:

·         On Site Office – Academia were able to build and manage a shop window at the university to offer full scale support and customer care to students and lecturers

·         Data Centre – UoW own unique data centre for ISP connection and Wi-Fi access

·         1:1 Training and Development for all Staff and Student Ambassadors

·         Create a new ‘Mobile Learning Project’ for students to apply and engage with

·         Device Management and project learning experience on site

The result after project deployment went beyond expectations from the University.  By offering first-hand experience and training, students were able to benefit from the support programmes and be in a position of power when it came to digital first experiences.  The University of Westminster are now able to proudly promote and support the new mobile learning project as part of study sessions.

You can see more about this and other projects on our case study page:

The Academia Technology Group, founded in 2003, is a fast-growing group of technology companies in the UK. We partner with world-class vendors such as Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft and HP to provide elite technology solutions across a range of markets including the private and public sectors and pro media sector.

To learn more about what we do, visit and speak to one of the Technical team today 

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